You reach out for medicine BUT there is no more…

For every person there are a few people who he tends to reach for, at moments of joy or pain.

We humans, have that urge to share our feelings with whom we feel most comfortable. Especially if those feelings are from that kind of pain or distress.

Those people serve as medicine or medical drugs. Spending time with them or simply contacting them make us feel better. Like if they have magical healing powers…
Their presence makes the difference, their voices are like a sedative drug and their msgs are like a pain-killer… Their palliative or calming effect is decreased according to the degree of their availability.

Our world was a better place ten or so years ago. Our interactions were more humanized, away from current technologies in which we are dealing with machines, computers, mobile phones…. n other emotionless objects.
In current world everything happens so fast – we barely find time for ourselves to secure our basic needs for a living.

The problem is that, when we are feeling bad… this feeling is confined to a particular period of time. We need a booster ASAP much like the ER where a specific methodology must be followed exactly & on time… the sooner we start the emergency care the better the results would be.. and with every delay there is a chance that the situation might be out of control.

SO you are distressed, you wanna contact those people..but many many ideas just rush into your mind telling you “just don’t”; they have their own problems, might be busy, even time difference might be a factor OR they might be actually not available. What so ever

It’s like if you have a severe headache. You reach out for medication but unfortunately there is no more…

Logically, this headache would be gone in a matter of time… but not having this drug makes you suffer for a period of time, even if it’s short but…. really painful.

February 9, 2012
Thursday AM

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